The image on the business card design does not look a Dyson hover to me, yet I am sure that your customers will know that you as a cleaner will do a fantastic job for them.
Design: 898286
The image of the wiper on these business card designs will let your customers know that you are in the cleaning trade.
Design: 898456
A business card design for people in travel and tourism
Design: 896492
A pretty chequered business card template picturing three babies in a pram. This design would be something a babysitter or someone in childcare would like on their cards.
Design: 898495
Colourful hand prints on this business card template make an attractive design perhaps for an art tutor or if you provide children's activities.
Design: 898478
A simple but pretty business card design with white polka dots against a pink background.
Design: 898477
The brown cardboard package or box shown in this design would be an ideal image on a business card for a courier company or an independent courier involved in delivering parcels.
Design: 898475
Business Card Design  900506
Design: 900506
Business Card Design  900505
Design: 900505
Business Card Design  900502
Design: 900502
Business Card Design  900500
Design: 900500
Business Card Design  900498
Design: 900498
Business Card Design  900496
Design: 900496
Business Card Design  900111
Design: 900111
Business Card Design  900109
Design: 900109
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