Business card designs for caterers and coffee shop owners.
Design: 895790
A business card template with a picture of a coffee cup, suitable for  for shopping, events, catering and the food industry.
Design: 896466
The cub cakes on these business card designs make them suitable for catering and food professionals.
Design: 895874
A simple yet eye catching colour combination of red and white on this business card design will bring attention to your business card and ensure that your customers notice it.
Design: 895547
A professional and simple design template for your business card with a blue and white background.
Design: 895548
This is a simple business card template with a pink and white design that is eye catching.
Design: 895551
A very straight forward, to the point business card design with a simple black and white background.
Design: 895553
The perfect business card design showing green grass for those providing gardening or lawn maintenance trade.
Design: 895556
An attractive yet simple business card design with an eye catching yellow and white background.
Design: 895557
A beautiful yellow rose set against an early dawn sky on this business card design is a great template for florists or gardeners who want a lovely flower on their card.
Design: 895565
A bright yellow and white background on this business card template.
Design: 895580
A simple business card template with a blue and white background for those of you who want a no fuss design.
Design: 895582
A simple pink and white background on the business card template for a no nonsense design suitable for any business.
Design: 895584
A straightforward simple business card template with a red and white background.
Design: 895586
A simple business card design showing a saw and hammer suitable for a carpenter, handyman or builder.
Design: 895606
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