Simple background business card designs.
Design: 896135
A fun filled business card design with colourful balloons for children's party organisers or event planners.
Design: 897237
A penguin carrying the books on the business cards template. He certainly looks serious, and anyone you give this business card to will also feel that you are a serious teacher, tutor or trainer.
Design: 897607
This is a superb business card template design to be used by teachers. The sharp pencil sitting on a white background surrounded by orange make the business card really stand out, and will fit well with you as a standout teacher.
Design: 898284
Green Business with a globe which can be used by travel agencies, anybody with a global business or an eco-friendly business.
Design: 896215
An abstract business card design commonly used by accountants showing a stack of coins.
Design: 896175
A business card design with a calculator - used by accountants and actuarists or anyone working in finance.
Design: 896160
A subtle business card template with an image of a computer, make the business cards look nice, but you may need to make it clear in the text of your business card,as to  exactly what business you are in, whether that be business, finance IT or any other
Design: 897615
Ideal business card design for a cleaning company or cleaner portraying typical cleaning equipment like a vacuum cleaner, brush, bucket.
Design: 897579
Brush, bucket, spray or bleach, take your pick of pictures on this business cards template. Each one adds to making these business cards standout, especially sitting on the blue background. This has got to be one of the best templates I have seen for cleaners.
Design: 898453
Lovely bucket and sponge sitting on a green background will make excellent business cards for cleaners promoting their business.
Design: 898449
Couriers and house movers often use this business card design as it contains parcels
Design: 896125
Although, these business cards can be used by couriers and movers, they could also be used if you are in the shopping trade. The business card template has a lovely picture of a box with many products in it, the purpose of which could be one a few things, and it certainly brings the business card to life.
Design: 898012
This business card design is suitable for couriers, movers or taxi drivers. The picture of the truck on the business cards will certainly help to get your message across to your customers.
Design: 897588
Hopefully the box that this man is carrying is not to heavy. Never the less, this business card design will leave your customers under no doubt, that you as a courier, mover or taxi driver, will work just hard for them, as this man carrying the box is working for these business cards.
Design: 897591
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