This business card design is suitable for couriers, movers or taxi drivers. The picture of the truck on the business cards will certainly help to get your message across to your customers.
Design: 897588
Hopefully the box that this man is carrying is not to heavy. Never the less, this business card design will leave your customers under no doubt, that you as a courier, mover or taxi driver, will work just hard for them, as this man carrying the box is working for these business cards.
Design: 897591
Colourful sewing thread reels make an attractive picture on this business card. This design would be appropriate for tailors, someone dealing with clothes alterations or working in the fashion world.
Design: 897206
Even though the shoes on this business card template are not Jimmy Chou's, they still bring a touch of elegance to the look of these business cards. Anyone in the events, shopping or fashion industry, hopefully will appreciate the benefit, this business card design could provide in business promotion.
Design: 898036
A nice business card design used by beauticians and hair salons.
Design: 896165
This business card design used by hair salons with a hair dresser blow drying their clients' hair
Design: 896109
These business card templates for hairdressers.
Design: 896455
Business card designs for estate agents and other people involved in the property and building trade.
Design: 897595
Business cards templates for architects or estate agents.
Design: 897601
A simple business card template showing a measuring tape is ideal for a handyman, builder or carpenter.
Design: 895589
Builder business card templates with a hard hat.
Design: 895610
A nice business card design for mechanics showing tools for fixing cars.
Design: 896202
Driveway specialists often use this business card design
Design: 896155
The combination of the transparent paint brush and the orange background on this business card template gives the impression that the brush is actually painting the background of the business card. Handymen, renovators, builders and carpenters will make an excellent impression on their customers with these business cards.
Design: 898462
An ideal business card design for a handy man or plumber featuring a dripping tap and spanner.
Design: 896547
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