Quality Checks and Proofing

It can take 1-2 working days for us to do the initial quality checks and to email you the first proof. However, in the majority of cases, you will probably receive proofs within 1 working day.

Note: For Express Orders, proofs are usually sent the same day as the order. You will be advised a proof approval deadline.

It can take longer than this time if there are issues with the quality or if we have to send out more than one proof.

To avoid delays, please respond back quickly to quality/proof emails we send you.
If you have not heard anything from us then please check your junk/spam email.
We do quality checks and proofing to ensure that the printing goes as smoothly as possible. These are the steps we follow
  • After you have submitted your business card or any other stationery order we will inspect your designs to ensure they are suitable for print. If we have any concerns with the quality then will get in touch via email.
  • Where needed we try to provide free guidance and assistance to improve your designs, so as to achieve good quality print.
  • We will email you a proof for all submitted designs giving you peace of mind ensuring that what we will be printing is correct.
  • After seeing your email proof, you can request us to make further changes to your design which we can make free of charge. Once we have made the changes you requested, we will email you another proof for you to check. It can take up to a further 1 working day for us to email you another proof to inspect. It may take longer if you email us your changes after 4pm on any working day.
  • We will only print once you have emailed us back saying you are happy with the proof that we have emailed you.
  • If at any point you are not happy with the emailed proofs then you can cancel the order for a full refund. However, please remember that if you have emailed us confirming that you are happy with the proof, then you cannot make changes or cancel your order as we would have started the printing process.
  • No proofs will be emailed to you if you design your business cards using our templates and our online business card design tool (since you can preview the proof online). Your order will go to print after it passes the quality checks which means that you cannot make changes or cancel your order as we would have started the printing process.