Frequently Asked Questions

This page addresses questions often asked by customers.
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1. What are the ideal pc/browser settings for this site?
2. What are your product descriptions?
3. What materials do you use?
4. Do you have a Sample Pack?
5. How do I buy business cards, leaflets etc?
6. How do I access previously saved designs and re-design or order/re-order?
7. How do I get details of orders?
8. Where can I obtain my VAT Receipt/Invoice?
9. How do I cancel/change an order?
10. What are the payment methods?
11. Are my credit/debit card details secure?
12. Do you charge VAT?
13. When can you dispatch my order?
14. How do I get special offer discounts?
15. What does the total cost of the transaction include?
16. Do designs print similar to their appearance on screen?
17. Can we post you our business cards for replication on the website?
18. Do you print full colour business cards, leaflets (etc)?
19. Under what circumstances can I ask for a refund?
20. Where do you deliver?
21. What is the definition of a single side and double sided card?
22. What are the conditions for Special Offers and using and promotional codes?
23. Do you offer trade discounts?