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At SimplyPrint, we offer a unique Complete Peace of Mind Service that inspects and fixes issues with your artwork, usually at no extra cost (99% of the time). No other printer does this.
Supporting people with hidden or visible disabilities, pregnant woman and those with very young children
We are also commited to supporting customers
  • with a disability (hidden or visible)
  • visiting us while pregnant or in the company of very young children
Here are a few examples of what we can do to make your life easier:
  • Proof reading - if you have a visual impairment or learning disability (such as Dyslexia), then let us know. We can provide guidance to how you can get the order proof read.
  • If you have anxiety and have problems being in crowded places, then we can offer a service where you can collect out of hours, when the roads or transport network is quieter. Note that the out of hours collection point is run by another company and is not wheelchair accessible as there is a small step to enter their shop.
  • If it will take you a long time to leave the car or get back in the car, then we can offer to bring the order to your car.
  • If you cannot stand for long (or have small children), then we can give you seats or may be able to bring your order to you. We can also advise on how we can minimise any waiting time.
  • If you have executive functioning disorders or similar conditions then we will assign one person to converse with you so that you are not re-explaining to multiple people. That person will look after you throughout the ordering process and after.
  • Staff wash their hands before handling any orders to avoid any cross contamination with nuts, milk and any other allergy triggering materials that they may have handled. This includes after shaking hands with customers.
There is a lot of talk about ensuring work places are accessible for staff. However, there is no official guidance for customers. We have neurodivergent staff that work for us and some of our staff have family that have disabilities (hidden or visible) or who have restricted movement due to pregnancy. There are of course many people that haven't received any diagnosis but know they need extra help in certain areas. This can often make life very difficult for them.
We are the first printer to actively engage with all our customers and are in the process of starting conversations with government to try and make this a normal process for all companies.
We want you to feel confident in letting us know if you need any extra help or support during the ordering process or if you visit us. Our branches have parking and accessible bathrooms and our staff have been helping people for years as we only employ people that can demonstrate kindness and flexibility with how they treat others.
It is important to let us know as soon as possible about any help you need. Our phone lines are open 24/7. If you cannot get through to someone immediately then we will call you back (if you have a UK number).
If you intend to come to a branch, then please let us know before hand and book an appointment so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

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Farringdon (Central London Branch)

40 Bowling Green Lane

We are Open Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm UK time .

Out of Hours Available, including weekends (people have ordered at 6pm for delivery the same day)

SimplyPrint Central London Location

Excel Branch

Just a few minutes walk from the Excel exhibition center which means we can easily look after all your exhibition printing requirements.

Unit F34
1 Dock Road
London E16 1AG

We are Open Monday to Friday: 9am to 4.55pm UK time.

Collections can be made 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday. If you need to collect outside our opening hours then please inform us by 4pm so that we can leave with the building reception.

We are also open during exhibitions at the Excel (including weekends)

Out of Hours Available, including weekends

SimplyPrint Excel Location

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