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You are viewing category: Children / Teaching / Training Business Cards.

Business card templates for teachers, instructors, trainers and businesses planning children's parties, arts and crafts, baby sitting and day nurseries. We have a wide variety of business cards containing various fun images including balloons, pencils, paint, prams and more.

This template  would make lovely business cards for people in teaching, especially art teachers. The business card template is unique, in that it has a penguin using an art palette. This business card design would certainly make your business stand out
Design: 898254
Childcare business card templates. Can be used by Babysitters or people in childcare. This business card contains a pram with a few children sat in it!
Design: 896090
A funky business card design with lots of colours. This is quite a generic card and is often used by arts and crafts companies, musicians and fashion.
Design: 896205
This is a lovely abstract arty business card template with a design of colourful paint splashes can be used by teachers, tutors or nursery schools and also artists.
Design: 898458
The walking, talking, happy pencil brings the business cards to life, much like all you teachers and trainers will bring your students to life.
Design: 897583
A fun filled business card design with colourful balloons for children's party organisers or event planners.
Design: 897237
A penguin carrying the books on the business cards template. He certainly looks serious, and anyone you give this business card to will also feel that you are a serious teacher, tutor or trainer.
Design: 897607
This is a superb business card template design to be used by teachers. The sharp pencil sitting on a white background surrounded by orange make the business card really stand out, and will fit well with you as a standout teacher.
Design: 898284
Colourful hand prints on this business card template make an attractive design perhaps for an art tutor or if you provide children's activities.
Design: 898478
A pretty chequered business card template picturing three babies in a pram. This design would be something a babysitter or someone in childcare would like on their cards.
Design: 898495
Teacher business card designs.
Design: 895630
Business cards templates for teachers.
Design: 895747
These business card designs are suitable for teachers.
Design: 895878
This cute penguin with a swim cap and towel is a perfect design for a business card for a swim instructor.
Design: 895604
The image of the teacher drawing on the board makes this business card template suitable for teachers and trainers, although once your pupils have dealt with you, they will know that you are more chilled out than the man on the business cards.
Design: 896446
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