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"Overall, the service is great. There are some lovely designs to choose from. My business cards get a big thumbs up. "

T Farrell

"My business cards turned out great. I have had several compliments on them. The designers were brilliant in helping to tweak my floral arrangement to excellent effect and colour."

A Stark

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Floral business card designs used by florists and gardeners.

A beautiful yellow rose set against an early dawn sky on this business card design is a great template for florists or gardeners who want a lovely flower on their card.
Design: 895565
Finance business card templates.
Design: 895718
Templates for business cards with a wheel barrow. Can be used by gardeners, landscapers and builders
Design: 896054
These business cards can be used by florists and gardeners.
Design: 895840
Lovely image of a pink rose in a business card design template which florists and wedding planners often use.
Design: 895882
These are florist and gardener business card templates.
Design: 895833
Business cards for florists and gardeners. These business card templates have an image of a lovely bunch of flowers.
Design: 895623
Florist business card templates.
Design: 895706
This business card has a lovely floral image in it, making it suitable for florists and gardeners.
Design: 895640
A business card design with an abstract flower background design which is often used by florists and beauticians.
Design: 896213
Multiple flowers in the background template for full colour business cards.
Design: 896073
Business Card template that can be used by a florist. The business cards have a pink ochid in them.
Design: 896105
A simply yet elegant business card design for beauty salons
Design: 896171
A beautiful business card design often used by florists, beauticians and travel agents.
Design: 896158
This sunflower based business card template is popular with garden centres and gardeners alike.
Design: 895822
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