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Customer review

I needed a design tailored to my fashion goods so I contacted simplyprint sales and was sent in the right direction. Found a really good image that simplyprint could work with and proof. After approval, the turnaround was quick and my business cards are look and feel brilliant.

J Norris

As an owner of a small fashion boutique, my clients are accustomed to a premium service and I expect no less of my business cards. SimplyPrint were simply wonderful and my clients think so too.

H Theriault

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Business card templates used by personal shoppers, tailors, garment makers and general fashion.

A funky business card design with lots of colours. This is quite a generic card and is often used by arts and crafts companies, musicians and fashion.
Design: 896205
Colourful sewing thread reels make an attractive picture on this business card. This design would be appropriate for tailors, someone dealing with clothes alterations or working in the fashion world.
Design: 897206
Even though the shoes on this business card template are not Jimmy Chou's, they still bring a touch of elegance to the look of these business cards. Anyone in the events, shopping or fashion industry, hopefully will appreciate the benefit, this business card design could provide in business promotion.
Design: 898036
Fashion business card templates.
Design: 895625
These business cards are for clothes makers and tailors. The image of the sowing machine brings the business card template to life.
Design: 896052
Butterflies on these business card templates make them suitable for hairdressers, beauticians,shoppers, event organisers and fashion designers.
Design: 895794
Business card templates for event organisers and fashion designers.
Design: 895616
Shopping and fashion business card templates.
Design: 895720