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Finding a suitable design was easy, plenty to choose from for cleaners. Nice quality cards.

S Ali

Our [cleaning] company would like to extend our sincerest thanks for helping to get our business cards printed quickly. Brilliant print quality and value for money.

B Rhodes

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Business card designs for cleaners and domestic helpers.

Ideal business card design for a cleaning company or cleaner portraying typical cleaning equipment like a vacuum cleaner, brush, bucket.
Design: 897579
Brush, bucket, spray or bleach, take your pick of pictures on this business cards template. Each one adds to making these business cards standout, especially sitting on the blue background. This has got to be one of the best templates I have seen for cleaners.
Design: 898453
Lovely bucket and sponge sitting on a green background will make excellent business cards for cleaners promoting their business.
Design: 898449
Business card designs that can be used by cleaners of as a generically as a background design.
Design: 898235
Man with a mop against the pink background on this business card is clearly a design for a cleaning company or cleaner.
Design: 897204
These business card designs are suitable for cleaners, showing a hover in the business cards.
Design: 896442
These are cleaner business card templates.
Design: 895836
Business card templates for cleaners. The image on the business card is a that of a person holding a mop.
Design: 896496
The image on the business card design does not look a Dyson hover to me, yet I am sure that your customers will know that you as a cleaner will do a fantastic job for them.
Design: 898286
The image of the wiper on these business card designs will let your customers know that you are in the cleaning trade.
Design: 898456