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Customer review

I love my business cards! The colours go hand in hand with my shop colours.

L Douglas

Helpful and friendly team came to my rescue and perfected my design after a couple of attempts. Communication was brilliant as always. I have an online store and with every order that goes out, my shoppers get a business card. The more orders I get, the more orders you get!

S Law

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Business card designs used by coffee shops, shoe and fashion stores, personal shoppers and event organisers.

A fun filled business card design with colourful balloons for children's party organisers or event planners.
Design: 897237
Even though the shoes on this business card template are not Jimmy Chou's, they still bring a touch of elegance to the look of these business cards. Anyone in the events, shopping or fashion industry, hopefully will appreciate the benefit, this business card design could provide in business promotion.
Design: 898036
A nice blue cutlery business card template, suitable for people in the shopping, events, catering and food trade.
Design: 895809
Business card designs for caterers and coffee shop owners.
Design: 895790
A business card template with a picture of a coffee cup, suitable for  for shopping, events, catering and the food industry.
Design: 896466
Butterflies on these business card templates make them suitable for hairdressers, beauticians,shoppers, event organisers and fashion designers.
Design: 895794
Business cards for florists and gardeners. These business card templates have an image of a lovely bunch of flowers.
Design: 895623
Fashion business card templates.
Design: 895625
Business card templates for event organisers and fashion designers.
Design: 895616
Shopping and fashion business card templates.
Design: 895720
Nothing speaks fashion louder than high heels....this attractive business card design will speak volumes for anyone in fashion industry or organising shopping events.
Design: 897557
A lovely baroque design on this business card gives it an elegant appearance. The luxurious look would suit events and shopping promotion and those working in interior design or fashion industry.
Design: 897215
Coffee shop owners, or other food, catering, events and shopping people should get their motto across clearly by using these business cards with an abstract image of a coffee cup on the business card design.
Design: 896468